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A complete shopping experience
from anywhere in the world
to anywhere in the world



Expand Your Horizons

We’re a technology company focused on helping retailers dramatically extend their reach and open their markets with ease.

We enable your storefront to connect, virtually, with unseen customers all around the world. These remote customers can easily shop your popular outfits and clothing items, while you guide them with special offers and opinions, all while they’re shopping from the comfort of their own homes.


Simulates in-person shopping

Simulates in-person shopping

  • Shop one-on-one or with friends
  • Interact with salesperson with live video
  • Browse and compare items
  • Pay on the spot
Seamless experience

Seamless experience

  • Browse and pay in one step
  • No multiple apps and passwords
  • Simplifies process

Expands shopping possibilities

  • Shop anywhere in the world
  • Attend live streaming events
  • Shop from any mobile device or on your TV
  • Go from offline-to-online/online-to-offline
group of friends shopping

Makes everyone happy

  • Consumers have improved shopping experience with service, expertise and time savings
  • Retailers have happy customers, easy on-boarding and sync with back end


Discover the Only All-in-One Shopping App

Using live video, including streaming, we effectively create an ‘in-store’ experience on mobile devices and TVs featuring personal interaction with people at the store. This makes shopping a safe and fun activity for local and global shoppers, and gives consumers the best shopping experience no matter where they are worldwide! It’s never been easier for shoppers to stay connected and follow their preferred brands – which could be yours!


Choose their favorite retailers

Attend live streaming events

Shop alongside their friends


You Are There

With our App, you’re actually shopping with your personal shopper in the store. American fashion is desired across the world, and we are here to make it easy to access fashion in these crazy times – no matter where you are in the world.


Easily Attract More and Happier Customers

We make it easy for you to give millions of mobile shoppers a more personalized and exclusive in-store experience no matter where in the world they are, and you even have the option of creating a VIP experience for your best customers.

  • Live video for one-on-one personal shopping
  • Live streaming for events
  • Group shopping
  • Seamless integration with your existing backend systems

Our live video (POS) technology has U.S. and International granted patents and is compliant with U.S. and International banking regulations.


Twice Tested and Enthusiastically Endorsed

Proof of Concept TRIAL 1- Live Video

  • Successful live in-store video sales in Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Volcom Warehouse, Microsoft Store
  • Individual and group shoppers from the US, Australia, London, Singapore, and Shanghai (from a Starbucks using their Alipay)

Proof of Concept TRIAL 2 – Live Streaming

  • Live streaming flash sales event via iOS ecommerce payment in a 30-minute event with products showcased and purchased easily while in the app for 2,000 users
  • Shoppers were from Australia, US, Canada, London, Singapore, Eastern Europe, and Trinidad and Tobago


The App is AMAZING! Really easy to use and so much fun. I can’t believe I can sit in my own lounge room and go shopping all over the world as in the US and be actually there in the store! I especially love the group shopping feature and all the different payment methods. It is so much better than just ordering clothes online – you actually get to ask your personal shopper all about the items and can see it in real life. It was a complete personalized experience! I have told all my friends about it and I can’t wait for my next shopping experience!”


Thank you for making Steph Audino grow rapidly worldwide! This App has connected me with new clients around the world and out of the comfort of my studio where I can show the products in real time. I love how I can still have a one-on-one relationship with the customers even though I’m not physically there, and it has allowed me to be in more places at once!”

Steph Audino,
Australian Celebrity Designer

With local shopping restricted due to the coronavirus and online searches not much help, I was frustrated by a lack of expert advice on which brand and model of laptop was best for my individual needs. Then I found this App, and through a live video call from the comfort of my home in Singapore with the Microsoft store and the Simon Mall Shops at Mission Viejo, CA, USA, I received the responsive and timely interaction I needed most. Ultimately, I purchased two Surface Pros – one for myself and one for my parents. This is the future of cross-border shopping from home to anywhere worldwide. “

Lee in Singapore



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